Autonomous Vehicles and Tort Liability

Driving is an essential part of American life. Ninety-four percent of traffic accidents are caused by human error, and advancement in the coding of autonomous vehicles seeks to alleviate that risk. That being said, no technology is one hundred percent safe. What happens if an autonomous vehicle injures a human being or damages property? Existing liability models may not provide a fair, efficient method for balancing the concern for physical safety against the need to incentivize necessary innovation to develop these robots. Determining which model of tort liability should apply to users and manufacturers of autonomous vehicles is challenging because autonomous vehicles will have evolving technological capabilities that we have not yet encountered. Lawmakers will have to take into consideration all the new technological aspects of autonomous vehicles if they wish to regulate them at all…

The full article is available here: 20200401 Autonomous Vehicles and Tort Liability (Roya Butler)

Roya L. Butler Written by:

Ms. Butler is a Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Attorney with vast experience as a technologist.

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