Identity activities at the Southwest Border (SWB) are an important part of overall
government activities designed to stem the flow of illegal drugs, criminals, and terrorists who often make their way from third countries through Mexico, taking advantage of the long and semi-porous border separating the two nations. To determine the appropriate disposition of border crossers, it is necessary to first determine their identities, legal status, and relationship to fellow travelers. The military has recently been called upon to assist in SWB operations, a task which is not novel in the history of U.S-Mexican relations. Recent events, including executive threats to close the border completely and transfer undocumented immigrants exclusively to sanctuary cities, have alarmed some who question the authority of the executive as well as the role of the military to conduct or assist with border activities generally. This paper outlines some of these concerns and show that identity activities are an important part of overall border activities and are within the authority of the executive. The full article is located here: 

20190614 NSJ – Identity Activities at the Southwest Border (Newbold)

Rick Newbold Written by:

Mr. Newbold has been working in the national security field since 2003 and has been an IAPP-certified privacy professional since 2007. He holds a JD from Regent University, an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and an LL.M. in National Security Law from Georgetown University Law Center. Mr. Newbold is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Public Policy with a focus on National Security Studies. He has contributed to several national-level documents and participates in a number of public policy-related working groups.

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